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Corporate Picnics

The leader in company picnics in Southern California

 Work with the experts. Give us a call today for a free consultation at 714.563.9778 or click here to email us.Don’t trust your company’s picnic to just anyone—work with a specialist. What makes James Events a picnic specialist? 25 years of experience and more than14,000 events is a good start. We own many of our own rides and attractions, plus offer access to our 8 exclusive Private Parks; and that is just the beginning.

Our goal is to create the perfect company picnic just for you. So we offer an endless variety of choices and options- allowing you to customize the perfect event for you. Then we go the extra mile.

We start by helping you select the perfect location — at one of our 8 exclusive Private Park Locations, your facility or at a public location near you. Then choose the perfect menu, selection of beverages, rides and attractions, entertainment, games and a theme to complement your day.

We take care of every detail.

On the event day, we take care of everything—large to small. Our staff of experienced professionals ensures that every guest has a great day, including you!

James Events is your single source for a complete range of corporate events in Southern California. Conferences, grand openings, corporate luncheons, team-building events, award dinners, facility openings, sales meetings, and holiday parties… anything is possible James Events. 

James Events – Corporate picnics.

Company picnic are a fantastic way to give your entire corporate team a treat, and we know how to make sure your corporate picnic is perfect in every way.

James Events is your single source for the very best corporate picnics and events.

For over twenty-five years, we’ve been organizing wonderful family events for companies who want to give their employees are real treat. We have the expertise, knowledge and a huge network of services we can use to make your event unique, memorable and a whole lot of fun!

We’ll work with you to identify the perfect picnic location, and then we’ll establish your aspirations for the event so we can plan everything. You can relax.

We have exclusive access to eight private parks providing the perfect setting for a picnic. We also own many of our own carnival rides!

You can choose activities like team building, or fun and games for all the family. We can arrange trade shows and carnival attractions, and you can entertain everyone with live music, variety acts, or children’s entertainers. And there will be plenty of top quality food and refreshment choices for everyone. All our picnics offer excellent guest amenities too, like rest rooms, car-parking and child security.

From the concept of the picnic, right through the day itself, our experienced team will be working hard to make sure every guest enjoys their day. And you will be able to enjoy it too! No stress, no problems, or last minute disasters to take care of, just fun for everyone.

We offer a huge variety of options and ideas for your picnic. That’s what makes James Events so unique. We go the extra mile so your company picnic is perfect for you and your guests.

Please get in touch to find out more about our corporate picnics.