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Picnic Games

One of the highlights of the day!

Picnic_GamesJames Events will put together a selection of games and contests designed to provide your guests of all ages with hours of fun. We provide all the equipment, organize and set-up everything in advance. Our enthusiastic Event MC Games Staff get great participation and keeps the activities rolling.

Family Fun and Just For Kid games give everyone a chance for everyone to get involved: including toddlers, kids, teens, mothers and father.

Our Team Competitions are designed for your guests to have fun and a competitive challenge with some of the most outrageous competitions, to win bragging rights until next year.

And don’t forget BINGO, a picnic tradition.

Not finding just what you’re looking for? We have a lot more options. Call us 714-563-9778

Apple on a String

Back to Back

Balloon Pack

Bobbing for Apples

Cake Walk

Corn Shuckin’ Contest

Costume Contest

Cow Chip Toss

Daddy Penguin

Dance Contest

Egg Toss

Feed the Monkey

Frisbee Toss

Giant Bolero

Gummie Worm Eating

Gunny Sack Race

Hay Bale Rolling

Hog Callin’ Contest

Hula Hoop Contest

Hula Skirt Relay

Jelly Bean Guessing

Jumping Bean Contest

Lasso Your Partner

Leaky Pipes

Legs Contest

Let It Rip


Louisiana Leg Polo

Milk ‘Til You Moo Contest

Monster Golf Chipping

Peanut in a Pie

Pie Eating Contest

Pop It

Seed Spittin’ Contest

Soccer Mom

Spear Throwing

Standing Pretzel Relay

Swab the Deck

Three Legged Race

Vegetable Roll

Vine Swing

Water Balloon Toss

Watermelon Eating Contest

Nail Drivin’ Contest

Parent/Child Relays



Animal Sort Out

Beach Ball Relay

Beach Pail Pass

Bean Bag Relay

Beanie Ball

Big Bone Relay

Bucket Brigade

Coconut Roll

Conveyer Belt

Fish out of Water

Flipper Relay

Frog Jumpin’

Giant Jenga

Giant Puzzle Relay

Grass Ski Relay

Horse Races

Hula Hoop Hopper

Human Obstacle Course

Jungle Obstacle Course

Let the Good Times Roll

Life Jacket Drill

Lily Pad Hop

Orange/Potato Pass

Palanquin Chair

Pass the Hat/Sombrero

Pizza Box Relay

Record Pass

Ride ’em Ponies

Roly Poly Relay

Sand Ski Relay

Space Ball Bounce

Spider Races

Spoon & A String

Sun Glass Shuffle

Super Trikes

The Tide Rolls In

Totem Pole Building

Towel Volleyball

Tug O War

Under Water Relay

Water Shoot Out

Weebley Wobbley

Winding the Web


Battle of the Tiny Tots

Blue Plate Special

Bubble Gum Blowing

Camel Back Relay

Candy Scramble

Coloring Contest

Crab Races

Flip Flop Toss

Paper Bag Toss

Sand Castle Building

Scavenger Hunt

Shoe Scramble

The Recycle Ecology Event

Treasure Hunt


B-4, Not After but B-4… BINGO!!!

The Event MC will call all of your favorite games of Bingo including B&O, Black Out, Four Corners, Loser and of course Traditional Bingo.

Deluxe Bingo with 25 Summer Themed Prizes

Custom Bingo with 17 Summer Themed Prizes

Beach Blanket Bingo 11 Beach Themed Prizes