How Company Picnics and Events Boost Morale and Engagement Scores


How do you tell your employees how thankful you are for all that they do? What’s more, how do you show them? By showing appreciation, employee engagement rises, and your company reaps the benefits. In a recent study, 80% of employees say they are motivated when shown appreciation by the company. The best businesses thrive because they cultivate a culture of loyalty and devotion to the organization within their employees. The connection they develop and share runs so deep that it often turns employees into ambassadors for the brand itself. Those employees become an entire marketing channel for those [...]

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Ski Lodge Themed Holiday Party


Now that winter has finally come to Southern California (60 degrees and rainy) we are all starting to think of the great times we have spent as a company on ski slopes all over the country. But the best part of those trips has been the after ski activities when we sit around with friends in the warmth and comfort of the ski lodge. So recently, we tried to capture this incredible feeling in a company holiday party in the warm December weather of Southern California. We brought in all the elements, for the flannel table covers to the cozy fire [...]

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An Orange Themed Event for a 100th Anniversary Event


Orange you loving this orange-themed event! Even if orange isn’t your favorite color you have to appreciate the elegant use  of this color. James events helped this  client celebrate their 100 year Anniversary in a big way. This is also the grand opening of a new location and building for this non-profit organization.  The party was as fun as it was bright and colorful. James Events took care of every detail to assure a perfect event.  Everything was detailed down the logo on the deserts.  Guests had a great time and were blown away with how it all tied together. The food [...]

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Getting a Jump Start on Your Spring Picnic Planning


Smart party planners know to plan ahead. The more time you have to think about all of the details that need to be considered, the better. That is why for typical holiday parties, for example, many professionals will start a couple months in advance before the stress and pressure of the event starts to loom. This makes sense for major company parties during the holidays, but does it always apply to smaller events several months away? Take the typical spring party or get together. As the weather starts to turn and the air gets warmer, many companies like to get their [...]

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Using Company Events to Attract and Keep Employees


Most people are familiar with the concept of a buyer's or seller's market within real estate. Basically, the number of people looking to buy versus sell a home can influence who has the upper hand when it comes to negotiations. Few people, however, recognize that the same concept applies to the workforce as well. The number of available jobs versus job seekers will influence who has the advantage when it comes to negotiating salaries, benefits, and the like. For the past decade, ever since the recession, the workforce has been an employer's market. With fewer job positions available, and more job [...]

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What Do You Call Your Holiday Party?


Putting on a good holiday party for the company has become more of a challenge in recent years. Just like any party, you have to worry about accommodating people and making them happy. Normally, this means ensuring you have a good choice of activities, the right decorations, and great food. Recently, however, making the party accommodating to everyone involved has become a priority for a lot of small businesses and large companies alike. In today's changing culture, political correctness is something to pay attention to in order to have a corporate holiday party that is welcoming and avoids unnecessary tensions. This [...]

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Choosing The Menu According To Your Event


When planning an event, the most important decision is the menu; if the food is good, the guests will surely be impressed. But the menu depends greatly on the nature of the event. A professional event planning company for this reason designs custom menus for each event. Company Meeting-Breakfast Buffet At a company meeting, a breakfast buffet is the perfect way to start the day. This can consist of fluffy scrambled eggs with potatoes and cheese for added flavor. Pancakes are a popular breakfast choice, among many. Light and fluffy pancakes served with a choice of fruited compote, maple syrup and butter will [...]

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Plan A Fun Pool Party This Summer To Beat The Heat


Summertime calls for celebration. And what better way to embrace summer than planning a pool party to beat the heat? This time around, get experienced event planners to organize a pool party for your company. Get together with your colleagues and their families to enjoy everything there is to love about summer. Mouthwatering Menu The menu for a pool party should consist of food that doesn’t get too messy. Nachos, pizza and hot dogs are good ideas. If you want to go for a more filling option then you could choose burgers and even a barbeque! The Cowboy BBQ is a very [...]

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Get Together With All Your Friends This Summer Its Time For A Reunion


Are you organizing a high school reunion this summer? That’s a great opportunity for everyone to get together and catch up with friends. Having not seen each other in so long, it will truly be a special night for all. It can feel like a real burden when having to plan out everything. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Giving this responsibility to an experienced event planning company can help you in a number of ways. The Ultimate Venue Choosing a venue can feel confusing at times. How many people will actually show up? You might not be sure whether [...]

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Plan The Best Prom Party


Here are the most popular prom party themes Prom night is the most awaited event for high school students. Would you like yours to be different? Well if you are on the organizing committee and really want to plan the best prom, there is no need to worry. Use one of these amazing themes for a unique experience. Masquerade Ball This mysterious and classy prom theme is sure to get everyone’s attention. It is a popular choice because is it the perfect chance for everyone to dress extra fancy. The perfect way to present this theme is to use castle decorations, [...]

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