When someone’s job decides to have a company get together, it can be seen as a great way to meet up with friends or get to know that new co-worker who has caught your eye. They can be a fun time or just an awkward meeting with free food. A get together can be an annual Christmas party or a higher-up’s birthday, among other things. There are even some companies that hold annual Academy Award parties.

For guests, they don’t have too much to worry about. The host of the party will have more tasks than they wanted. Planning any kind of party is stressful, regardless of what it is. James Events, a southern California event management production company, covers all kinds of corporate events and takes care of dining, the most stressful part of planning any event.

Anyone who has no experience planning a get together should take note of these 10 easy to learn tips. Hopefully, they will keep the stress levels low.

Give Tasks to Guests

The old slogan, “Bring Your Own Beverage” is made for situations like this. If guests would like to bring a homemade desert or maybe some utensils for food, than they should be more than welcome to. It will help the planner feel like they have one less thing to worry about.

Digital or Paper Invites?

Will it be easier notifying the potential guests through e-mail that can be checked at any time or through paper invites distributed during work hours? Keep in mind how many guests are going to be there, and which ever way is easier or more effective will be the best way to send invites. 

“You Got the Right Stuff, Baby”

Buying the right food and the right amount of it may sound obvious, but what if the food runs out or if there just isn’t enough plates or cups? Catering companies are perfect for events, so it is good to get in touch with one to make sure that an ideal amount of stuff is available for the get together.

Designated Area, Please

Making an area for coats in the function itself is easy. Just simply clear out an area for such an occasion. As for parking, make sure there is enough space and it is in the right area for the amount of cars that are potentially going to show up.

Won’t Somebody Think of the Children!?

Not every company get together has children, as sometimes they aren’t even allowed in. However, if it is a family event, it is good to make sure that there is a children’s area and that they are entertained. Rowdy children can ruin any company gathering. 

Planning Ahead

Can the tables be set up a day before? Can certain foods be sent out a day early? Getting ahead a day is a great way to relive stress of the planning. It is just a way to get one more thing out of the way before the big get together.

Any Decorations?

Entirely optional. Decorations are ideal if there is a certain theme to this party and it creates more of a fun atmosphere. Always good to keep in mind if the company will want it.

Music Is Great

Again, entirely optional, but music is add much more to a party. If it is a Christmas party, throwing together a Christmas playlist or using the always popular Pandora or Spotify is a great idea. Again, not always needed, but good to keep in mind to make the gathering much more lively.

Put the Company Above All Else

Make sure guests are there representing the company and not just themselves. For example, if the get together is being held in a public venue, like a function room, they are to behave accordingly. Not like a bunch of college freshman who have tried beer for the first time. It may feel like there is pressure being placed on you and the guests, but it is absolutely esstential. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

With the get together going on and everything seems to be working ok, have fun a little bit. Even when planning, remember the 80/20 rule. Take care of the very important responsibilities, which make up 20% of the planning and just go from there. The planning will come off as much easier once that is out of the way.

A company get together is always a good thing to have in order to build relationships with co-workers. Planning one may be challenging for some, but keeping the 10 quick tips in mind will help. After all, a company get together is a walk in the park when compared to planning a wedding.