Creating an event for any reason can be challenging. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, holidays, and especially weddings require a team to assemble for everyone to have an equal amount of diverse fun. Assuming that people will show up, making a list of priorities from food to music are a big part of assembling a memorable event.

Now, no matter what type of event you conjure up, a budget will create a bubble around you and your team to allow for funds to be allocated to the right places. Making sure that you don’t go over budget is one of three suggestions for creating the best holiday party experience that I will share with you.

Maintaining a budget is always a smart way to begin your venture into an event. This allow for you to make sure that you have not only enough to cover your interests, but enough to allow for an experience worth-while. A company’s budget will be bigger considering you will have a higher amount of people going along with their plus ones. So these may involve venues, entertainment, large amounts of food and top-notch decorations. A personal event can involve a venue, but it will definitely require food and some sort of entertainment. These are things to consider for a budget.

Another suggestion is to make sure that the budget is fit for the amount of people that you would like to invite. Assuring a list of guests will provide the correct amount of money you would need to spend not only in the size of the venue, but the amount of food to provide. Email, social media, and written invitations are all acceptable methods for the invitations, however, in newer times, email and social media are the most common ways to spread the word and accept the RSVP’s for the guest list.

Assure for different types of entertainment. When you are throwing a holiday party, essentially the main themes that will come to mind are holiday themes: Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and/ or New Years. Granted, those ARE the reasons why you are throwing this event, but to be honest, there are more things to do than just dance to awful music or play in fake snow (real for those Northerners). Being able to bring in other types of activities or allowing for a show that thinks outside of the box are best ways to entertain your invitees. One year, my girlfriend’s company’s holiday party was at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, for the Blue Man Group show. There’s nothing that says “holiday” about the show. But it was fun for everyone that went. Nobody left unhappy and it was a hit. Essentially, different entertainment.

While we understand that something like the Blue Man Group could be costly, being able to give the gift of something different rather than the same song and dance, can create a lasting memory, and happy guests. Allow for us at James Events to assist you in your next party. Come check us out at Let the party begin!