If you’ve ever been involved with planning an event, you probably know how much work it takes, but for those who have thought about it for the first time, the natural questions that pop into their heads is, “Why should I hire an event planner when I can do it myself? How hard can it be?”

Well, as most of the daring folks that actually try to put together a worthwhile event find out soon enough, there’s much more to it than simply booking a venue, inviting the people and getting some food and perhaps entertainment. There are literally thousands of little details that need to be carefully planned out and matched together in order for the event to be a success.

This is where a professional event planner comes in – someone that knows his way around the industry and can offer you efficient and working solutions for any event scenario that you might have in mind.

But if you need more convincing, here are five of the main benefits that you’ll enjoy if you opt to work with a professional event planner to take care of organizing your event:

Save Time

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have enough time in a day without having to plan an entire event on your own, so why would you add that additional burden you’d have to squeeze into your schedule?

You do not have the necessary expertise or experience needed to know how to plan and manage an event efficiently, so you’ll be spending much more time on each and every detail than a seasoned professional event planner would.

Even more, because of the countless details that go into planning a successful event, if you do not have the proper know-how, you’ll wind up forgetting something that might cause a lot of problems later.

Reduce Costs

It might seem like a relatively straightforward job to contact suppliers and look for the best deal, but you’d soon find out that it’s one thing to deal with them as an even planner who has an established reputation and even a good relationship with them, and a totally different when you try to negotiate as an outsider to the event planning industry.

So while you might initially think about the added expense of hiring a professional event planner, you’ll later find that he can get you deals from suppliers and venues that you could not have even dreamed of on your own. Besides, if you have a set budget that you know you can’t go over, an event planner can be very useful in making sure you do it – he has the experience and can often predict the cost of an event in the beginning stages.

Considering how many things can and do go wrong on almost all events, having someone who can put out the fires quickly and without breaking the bank is an invaluable asset to have.

Access to Their Contact List

Many people know exactly what they want their event to be like, but few of them have any idea on how to realize those ideas while staying within a reasonable spending budget.

This is where an event planner comes in – over the years of working in the industry he has gathered hundreds of valuable contacts with all kinds of specialties. After you explain what you want, he will instantly know the people he should contact to get exactly what you want on a great price.

A successful event is made up of thousands of little details, so finding the right suppliers and the right venue are one of the most important steps in ensuring that all of those details are taken care of.

Use of Experience and Knowledge 

While some people know every detail that they need for their event and just need help getting it right, most only have a general idea about the event, without knowing the exact elements that need to fall into place for it to be a success.

Here’s where the expertise and experience of a seasoned event planner really pays off – you have someone that can offer countless suggestions for any type of event, covering everything from big decisions like the venue to the smallest details like tableware.

After all, a quality event planner has probably seen it all, having planned numerous events of all kinds, and knows what works and what doesn’t, what to look out for and even where can you cut the costs a little without losing much in value.

Freedom to Enjoy the Event Itself

Finally, if you get consumed by the draining process of thoroughly planning an event, you can forget to enjoy what’s really important – the event itself. Having become consumed with the tasks of putting together a good event, in the end one might be left too stressed out to actually enjoy or even take part in the event itself.

So when considering if an event planner is a truly good investment, take into account not only the financial, logistic and time-saving benefits, but also the simple bonus of you being able to relax and simply enjoy the event, knowing that it’s being planned and taken care of by a true professional who knows what he’s doing.