When planning an event, the most important decision is the menu; if the food is good, the guests will surely be impressed.

But the menu depends greatly on the nature of the event. A professional event planning company for this reason designs custom menus for each event.

Company Meeting-Breakfast Buffet

At a company meeting, a breakfast buffet is the perfect way to start the day. This can consist of fluffy scrambled eggs with potatoes and cheese for added flavor.

Pancakes are a popular breakfast choice, among many. Light and fluffy pancakes served with a choice of fruited compote, maple syrup and butter will look absolutely stunning.

Ham slices and smoked sausages will go perfectly with the eggs. The most important part of a breakfast buffet is to have a wonderful variety of freshly baked breads, muffins, croissants and other pastries. And lastly for beverages, fresh juices, gourmet coffee and assorted teas will do the trick.

Holiday Themed Cocktail Party

If you are planning a cocktail party, we have the perfect menu for you.

For cocktail parties tray passed appetizers work best. Cheese and crackers are a popular choice. Crab cakes are another great option. Mashes potatoes and sirloin steak bites are also an amazing combination which will surely be a hit at your party.

Thai chicken pizza and beer battered shrimp can also be added to the menu; they too are one-bite easy to eat foods. For desert, a chocolate dipping bar will look elegant and will indeed be a treat for those with a sweet tooth.

School Carnival

For carnivals and school fairs, the menu should be focused on items that children will enjoy.  You need fun snacks that are easy to carry.

Cotton candy is loved by all children; they can easily carry it while playing fun games in the carnival. Pretzels and popcorn serve the same purpose of being a convenient snack. You also can’t have a carnival without ice cream. Make sure the party planners know all the flavors you like. The children will really appreciate the cool ice cream sundae on a summer day.

For beverages, a carnival requires all the possible variety, from cool water bottles to soft drinks and even juices. After enjoying the rides and activities, kids will have worked up an appetite.

If you are looking to plan a similar corporate event or school fair, you know exactly the kind of menu you should put together. For further guidance and management of your event, contact us at James Events for an outstanding plan and a memorable day.