Summer is coming and it’s time to start planning your corporate picnic party. James Event Productions has over 25 years experience in making your company picnic memorable and successful.  We offer several Orange County and Los Angeles County private park venues to host all sizes of events with plenty of shaded seating, parking, picnic tables, as well as large, grassy lawns for games, rides, booths and more.

Company Picnic Themes

We have a warehouse along with super creative, out-of-the-box staff to come up with a custom decor and theme to make your party a smash with all of your employees.  Check out some of our fun themes from our company picnic photo gallery.

Fun Food Menus

From cotton candy machines to snow cones and BBQ we have your company picnic menu covered.  Choose from our many fun food items in the picnic menu section.  View some of our popular picnic menus.

Company Picnic Games and Team Building Ideas

A company picnic is only as good as the games you play and it’s what your employees will be talking about around the water cooler come Monday.  We have lots of time tested and true team building games for all ages that provides hours of fun.  We set everything up ahead of time and keep it organized and in sync with the rest of your event so that it all flows perfectly and on-time.  View some fun picnic games for your event

Exclusive Private Parks in Orange County and Los Angeles

After 25 years and over 14,000 successful events planned, James Event Productions knows all of the ins and outs of Orange County and Los Angeles parks that fit your event perfectly.  Tell us about your event, what your goals are and we will be able to match it to the perfect venue for your guests.  Take all of the stress out of finding the perfect venue and use our expertise to find the perfect place.  View our exclusive private parks

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