There are plenty of factors that go into planning any kind of company event. However, when planning a company picnic honoring veterans in Santa Ana, there are complexities involved that require a professional party planner. An event management company like James Events will make sure that every detail that went into planning the picnic is executed perfectly to your tastes. A company picnic is an intimate gathering that allows coworkers to relax in a casual setting. As simple as it sounds, planning a picnic can be the opposite of relaxed especially when incorporating an honoring service as part of the gathering. When putting on a service to honor those who served their country, a company picnic becomes even more complex with the addition of details.

Big Picture Checklist

There are plenty of big picture items to always secure when planning a company picnic. Hosting a picnic for your company means finding a venue that has enough space for the employees who attend. With figuring out the place of the company picnic, comes another detail usually overlooked: renting equipment. Planning out a company picnic means remembering the menial details usually taken for granted which is why party planners are recommended especially when throwing an event for your business. Another integral item to any company picnic is the food and beverages. As diet trends surface, it’s hard to accommodate everyone’s different tastes and needs. Hiring a caterer may be the most ideal way to deal with the differences that might arise.

Honoring Service

In this day and age, there is no one held in higher esteem than veterans. With modern politics creating the international conflicts, there has been an influx of veterans. It is only right that the men and women involved in military be honored for their service to their country. If this picnic is specifically for veterans then part of the theme should be in honor to those who served. One way to do this is to have red poppies for everyone to wear. While subtle, this is a universal acknowledgement of support to those who have served. Even though simple gestures may seem too small, every little action makes a difference in honoring veterans. When honoring the veterans, there should be a someone who speaks about how grateful everyone is for their service, or even have willing veterans come up to speak about their experiences. Not only is this singling out and honoring a veteran, but raising awareness within the community.

Both company picnics and honoring services can be complex events that require in depth planning and attention to detail that most people forget to focus on. When creating this themed company picnic, an event management company might be the best way to go, as you want to do your best to please employees and respect the veterans who show up. Keeping in mind big picture parts such as food and venue with the additional honoring service, this kind of company picnic will end up being the perfect way to bring together employees and honor veterans.