School carnivals have proven to be one of the top ways to raise funds at schools. Almost all schools in Southern California hold annual carnivals each year.

As a result, they begin displaying similar patterns each year until nothing remains exciting about the event.

However, arranging for a school carnival on a limited budget means that you want to make the most of what you have. And this is often why most school authorities evade the idea of hiring a dedicated event planner.

The fact is that event planning companies can work around your budget, providing you with successful and memorable school carnivals. How? Keep reading:


School authorities generally believe that DIY event planning is not going to be a costly undertaking. However, they fail to account for the costly mistakes that are bound to take place. Of course event planning companies don’t come free of charge, but there’s a lot to consider than the initial expenditure when hiring pros.

A professional and experienced event planning company has established relationships with suppliers and venues, guaranteeing amazing discounts that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Thanks to their experience, event planners are well-versed with aspects where cost reductions can take place.

This can tremendously save you big bucks. This is particularly important for school carnivals, dedicated towards raising funds for charitable purposes.

Knowledge & Experience

Apart from possessing sound knowledge about the logistics, carnival planning companies also have access to a broad network of suppliers.

On the other hand, handling carnival planning alone means struggling to find a supplier that fits the bill. Moreover, professionals fully understand high-risk areas; hence, they are ready with measures to prevent things from heading towards disaster.

Stress Levels

This one is possibly the biggest advantage of hiring professional event planning companies. All you need to do is hire an event planner and take a back seat. These professionals take on all the stress that comes with the territory.


When planning for school carnivals, there are a host of things that need to be arranged, verified and looked into. A professional event planning company will be devoted to doing that and more. This saves time, and hence money for school authorities that are working on a tight budget.

Save yourself from the stress and worries of organizing an annual school carnival. Collaborate with us. To date, we have planned events over 14,000 events corporate, educational and non-profit events.

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