Company picnics can be fun and exciting. They can also be tedious to plan. But that’s okay because even the planning can be half the fun. Often though, the main reason picnic planning can become exhausting is that plans fail to follow through. You request a space with a certain facility and there are no spaces left for that day, or they end up cancelling. Many things can occur, so make sure you have a backup and plan ahead. It is hard enough to find great places to fit a large amount of people for a picnic let alone reserve a spot in a timely manner. That being said, you may be unsure of when the perfect time is to start planning. With these following tips, you’ll be planning the perfect company picnic in no time.

Small Scale Picnic

The smaller the picnic, the closer to date you can plan. If you have a smaller amount of people, you don’t have as much to plan. Furthermore, you won’t have to rent so huge of a space. There are usually long waitlists to rent a space if you have a large amount of people, so if you have a smaller group of people you are more likely to not run into problems. However, there’s nothing wrong with planning far ahead. Some will even say there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead, as you’ll have ample time to fix complications if any occur. To get a rough idea, you should always plan at least a month or two in advance if you are having a small picnic. One month to get all the planning done and one month to notify your employers of the picnic details. The first thing to do is set a rough date, then make a list of everything you will need, such as location, food, raffles, games, activities and entertainment. Once you have done this, you should start contacting anyone whose service you will need to make this happen. The sooner you plan, the better. Otherwise, you can run into uncorrectable problems.

Huge Company Blow Out

Huge picnics are quite the opposite. To give a rough idea, you should start planning three to four months in advance. This is because you will need to rent out a space large enough to fit everyone in. Usually companies will put large groups on a waitlist before your actual picnic date is secure or they require making a reservation months in advance. There are certainly ways to get around this, but to avoid complications make sure you plan well ahead. One popular thing to do is go to an amusement park for company picnics. This can be absolutely fun, but make sure you reserve everything in advance to make sure everyone will be able to go. Not only that, but make sure all of your other plans fit. Most often, you can’t get refunds on tickets, so make sure everything is prepared before purchase of the tickets.

When it comes to planning a company picnic, it can understandably be tedious and frustrating. To avoid complications, be sure to plan well in advance. That way, any problems that arise can be solved without your employer’s knowledge of it. Be sure to follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to planning the most successful company picnic your business has ever had.