So, you’ve been entrusted with an enjoyable, fun-filled responsibility – to choose the perfect venue for your company picnic. Excited? There’s no reason not to be! As enjoyable as the job is, it can get stressful if you don’t find the right location.

You need to consider a number of aspects when looking for a venue for your company picnic. Here are some of them to help you decide the right place:

Number of People

It’s a company picnic so all employees will be invited, right? But what about their families? Are they invited? If yes, then how many family members are allowed per employee? You need to consider all these questions when calculating the number of people. Knowing the number of people attending the event will play a huge role in deciding the venue. Obviously, you wouldn’t want the venue to be too huge or too congested!

Consider the Budget

This is important. When you’ve been asked to look for a suitable location for your picnic, always ask your management regarding their budget. If you don’t, you might end up choosing a location that does not suit the company’s budget and all your efforts will be wasted. So save yourself from such a situation, and ask you company about their budget. Then narrow down your choices according to the set budget.

Plan a Theme

Planning a company picnic without a theme? That doesn’t sound great. Considering the event theme, when choosing your picnic location is essential. If your theme includes activities like sports competition, barbeque or other similar activities, you have to choose an open-air, spacious location. If the employees’ family members are invited, you’ll have to include activities for their children as well and look for a child-friendly location.

Get in touch with Professionals

Getting help from an event planning company will help you choose the best location for your company picnic. These professionals have their private locations as well which you can select for your event. In addition, event planning companies make your event better and much more fun-filled with their arrangements and activities.

If you’re looking for an event planning company in Orange County for planning a company picnic, contact us. We, at James Events make sure that the best event is planned. In addition to this, we also offer various corporate events planning at affordable rates.