An organization picnic is a means to unite associates and partners in a casual and carefree environment for no particular reason, socialization, and group building. Organization cookout can have them Mediterranean, beach, Spanish fiesta, or can mirror the organization and its products and offerings. First and foremost the invitation needs to include date, area/venue, dress and RSVP directions. Welcomed visitors ought to be educated whether that they are welcome to bring visitors, or any other stipulations of the event. Some fun invitation ideas to consider:

Invitations based on a theme
In the event you’re issuing invitations at work instead of through the mail, you can be unique in the method the invitations come in. Case in point, in case you’ve decided to host a bbq, a straightforward paper flier could be collapsed into a handkerchief or attached to a hot sauce bottle or even cool fabric. A, invitation to a luau could incorporate a moved paper scroll joined to a lei with a beautiful lace; an Ocean themed picnic could be printed on a plastic inflatable ball or little boats; and a Spanish themed party can have little tequila bottle invitations, or sombreros.

A raffle invitation
Add some enthusiasm to the appropriation of invitations by having employees choose the invitations from a wicker bin in the worker lunchroom. Include certificates for freebies and perks inside a few of the employee invitations that include free admission into a giveaway, free parking spots, cheat tokens that can go towards games at the picnic. The raffle is a great way to get employees excited about the picnic.

Tech invitations
Create a cool video or slide show invitation to email to the employees. The video could include pictures from previous picnics, special messages from upper management or even an introduction to the theme and host of the picnic. The video is a great way to generate interest in the picnic by including some comedic relief and giving the picnic some flair.

For Corporate Picnics
If the picnic is going to be more business and employee-only then the invitations can still be creative by maybe having them printed on shirts, distributing them in coffee cups, on pens, or even on the back of calculators. Going the apparel route may be beneficial if there will be sports or team building exercises because the color of the piece of clothing can serve to determine the team that the receiver will be on for the day of the picnic.

The main function of the invitations are to provide the employees with relevant information about the picnic. The invitation also serve as a way to generate interest in the picnic. A creative invitation can mean more bodies in attendance for the event. Including freebies and giveaways in the invitation produces because employees would want to attend to see what they have won. Employing the help of professional event planners can expand the level of creativity at your disposal and increase the level of efficiency of your event.