Corporate picnic is one of the most important events organised by a company since it provides a platform for the employees to mingle with each other and thus strengthens the team spirit. It boosts up employee morale and hence increases the company productivity. If you are organising a corporate picnic, you may be concerned about getting your employees excited about the picnic in order to have maximum participation from them.

1. Creating a buzz.

In order to get your employees excited about the event, you need to make people aware about it. You need not give them all the information before the official announcement but a tad-bit of information to keep the buzz going around the office. The information will soon spread about the entire office and it will be all everyone will be talking about.

2. Unique venue

The venue of the event plays a major role in the participation of employees. Keep the venue open with a calm and relaxing environment. Hold your picnic in unexpected places. If the invitation is extended to spouses and children, make sure the picnic is held at a place where children along with adults can enjoy themselves. The venue should also offer guest amenities like rest rooms, parking spots, etc.

3. Amazing quality and wide variety of food

Food is one of the most important aspect of any event. It is an important factor that determines whether the event is a success or not. Make sure the food has good quality. Not only that, you should be aware about the food preferences of your employees and should take great care while deciding the menu keeping the preferences in mind.

4. Activities, Themes and Entertainment

You have to make sure that you organise ample amount of activities to keep your employees engaged. It is a perfect opportunity to build team spirit among your employees by organising team building activities. Activities can range from sports matches to scavenger hunts to trivia contests. Also you can be a bit more creative and introduce themes. This will make the event different and interesting. Also make sure to arrange for entertainment. This can range from music performances to trade shows to carnival attractions. It is the highlight of your event and hence should be given great importance.

5. Outing Giveaways

These are the things everyone look forward to and hence you should focus more on quality instead of quantity. This can work as an incentive for workers to look forward to the event. There are endless possibilities for giveaways like blue ray players, theme park passes, gift cards, etc.

Now as you can see there are several ways to make your employees excited about your corporate meetings. But organising these events can be bit tedious and require a lot of your time and attention. It is advisable to hire an event management production company. If you are looking for an event management production company in South California, check out for they provide an amazing event management services.