You don’t want to make attendance mandatory for your company picnic, but you still want most of the office to show up. The trick is to make your office picnic unique with enough good features that will attract people. With a bit of creativity, you and a party planning company could create a great company picnic that your employees will want to attend. With a few of the features listed below, they might take a couple hours out of their day to attend. Here are a few tips to get your employees to attend your company picnic.

Pick an Appropriate Theme

If there is a common interest between your employees such as a favorite sports team or T.V. show, then consider making that a theme for your company picnic. People with a similar interest will be curious, and it will help the employees bond a bit more. Ask your corporate party planner what would be appropriate for this attraction. If you could pick something that most people like, they might think it is cool and will want to attend the picnic.

Order Fun and Creative Food Your Employees Have to Try

Your employees are hard working adults, so by this stage of life, they have had their fair share of burgers, hot dogs, and similar types of food. So instead, you need to hire a couple chefs to create something unique and delicious. If you tell your employees you are being creative with the food, then they will be curious and will have to try what the professionals come up with. Your employees work hard, so it would be great to reward them for working for your company.

Hire Good Entertainment

If you could secure a couple good bands to play during the picnic, then that could get some people to come and stay for a while. Ask your employees what type of music they like to listen to, and ask your corporate party planner to get the best bands possible. If they pick a couple good bands, then your office will be really glad they came to the picnic. Since everyone is busy with work, they may not have a lot of time to find new music. If you could introduce them to something local and entertaining, then they would think that would be pretty cool.

Get a Bar with Lots of Options

Lots of people like alcohol, so your employees will appreciate a bar with a wide selection. If you contact James Events, there are over two types of bars you can order; one is light and carries beer, wine, and soft drinks, and the premium bar carries more hard liquor that can be used for mixed drinks. Ask your corporate party planner what will be better for your office picnic, but what is important is that you have lots of drinks for everyone to enjoy.

If you follow these tips, then your employees will definitely want to go to your office picnic. So long as you offer a few things that they want, and some that they didn’t know that they wanted, then you will have a well-attended office picnic. If you are in the Southern California area, then James Events will be able to help you out with all the party planning. They will make sure that everything goes smoothly, and will give you lots of options to work with. Take their advice and your office picnic will be great.