The image of a little child trying to blow candles comes to mind when we hear the word ‘birthday party’.

It’s certainly an event closely associated with children, presents, and musical chairs. However, this doesn’t mean adults can’t join in the fun!

In fact, we enjoy birthday parties just like the rest; only there won’t be pin the donkey tail at an adult’s birthday bash.

Turning 30, 40, 50, or even 60 is a very important milestone and should be celebrated. How?

The Host’s To-Do List

Planning the perfect birthday bash for an adult requires the same thinking as planning a children’s birthday party. Pre-planning is important and will be done one month before the party.

The Pre-planning Stage

The best way to guarantee a successful birthday party is pre-planning for the event. This is when you’ll;

Choose a Suitable Date

For an adult party, the best day for the event is during the weekend as this will ensure your guests (as well as the birthday boy/girl) will be available. Choosing the actual birth date for the party isn’t necessary, i.e. if the birthday isn’t coming on the weekend, choose the next one or before the date party planning ideas.

Choose a Convenient Venue

The venue for an adult birthday party can be anything. If you wish for just a close-knit party with only friends and family, your house can act as an excellent location. For a more formal party however, make reservations in advance at a restaurant or hotel’s function room.

Some FAQs about Adult Party Etiquettes

To ensure a pleasant time for everyone, take a look at the following FAQs and plan the party accordingly.

Should I serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks at the party?

Serving a variety of drinks at the party is a much better idea. Not everyone would want to drink, even if on a weekend. Provide your guests many options to choose from as they’ll only appreciate the thought placed in the menu and drinks.

Is it really alright to ask invited guests to help out during the party?

It’s always acceptable to ask your guests to help out. However, consider this; they’re here to enjoy themselves. Furthermore, you deserve to relax and have fun on your big day. It’s your birthday after all. As a host, you should focus on mingling and entertaining your guests so that they don’t feel left out.

Hosts often question how they can have fun while making sure everyone else is comfortable and the party is running smoothly. Our answer: Hire professional help to plan the event in its entirety so that you can mingle with your guests and have fun without worrying about the direction of your party. Contact James Events and see what we offer in terms of event management!