Is it your turn to plan your company’s picnic this year? You must know how stressful planning a company picnic can be. In fact, many amateur party planners list company picnics as the most stressful in their job description.

This is largely due to the level of professionalism needed in the planning phase itself with the added need to make the company picnic ‘fun’ and ‘enjoyable’.

James Events understands your plight and thus provide the following planning checklist for your company’s picnic.

This checklist lets you plan the picnic with confidence, from the big stuff right down to the tiniest of details!

Remember To Plan the Big Stuff

The big stuff at any party is:

Selecting the Venue

The venue will set the right tone for rest of your event. Picnics are usually held in an open space where nature and basic facilities come together. Parks are the perfect location for company picnics! In fact, James Events offers 8 exclusive private park locations for you to choose from.

Choosing the Date

Choosing the date for the picnic depends on various factors. If you plan to host the event at a public location and want at least some privacy, you’ll have to find the best time the location will be free. Most company picnics are held on the weekend. However, you can choose to throw yours on Friday afternoon too.

Planning the Small Stuff

This part of your company’s picnic planning can quickly become too hot for you to handle alone. Food and entertainment can actually make or break an event which is why get in touch with an event management company or caterer to help with this part.

James Events Productions Make Your Holiday Or Company Picnic Easier To Plan With This Checklist! Choosing Food and Beverages

Are families of employees invited to the picnic as well? You’ll have to plan food and beverage items accordingly. Make sure to keep a few ‘kid-friendly’ options on the menu as well as fresh juices or soda. Alcohol and beer is also a good beverage option, however, in moderation.

Decide On a Menu

Picnic menus should match the rest of the theme in order to be successful. What fits better: an all-American grill or roast? What are the accompanying sides and appetizers? Will there be dessert? You can also decide on keeping bite sized everything to prevent things from getting messy.

James Events offers 4 themed menus for company picnics and a wide array of fun foods and beverages.

Don’t Forget the Fun Elements

What is a picnic without fun and entertainment? Remember, the entire point of throwing a company picnic is to bring employees together in a relaxing, non-work environment.

Consider hiring entertainment such as DJs, clowns, roving entertainment or plan activities that can include photo booths, rides and attractions, as well as classic picnic games.

Planning your next company picnic can be simplified by handing the planning and managing part to professional event managers. James Events also offers picnic theme and décor services.

Make your company’s picnic memorable by hiring the very best in event management.