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How to Get Employees Excited about Your Company Picnic

Corporate picnic is one of the most important events organised by a company since it provides a platform for the employees to mingle with each other and thus strengthens the team spirit. It boosts up employee morale and hence increases the company productivity. If you...

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The Importance Of Location For The Success Of Any Event

Companies plan corporate events for a number of reasons. Not only are corporate events a good opportunity for employers to establish and maintain an amiacable relationship with their employees, but also as means to promote or build lasting relationship with clients....

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Why You Should Have Company Picnics in Southern California

When you are part of a large corporation, large corporate events are to be expected; not only is it a chance to have employees get to know each other, it is a simple and fun filled way to team build. While the end result may be a source of enjoyment for all, the event...

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5 Ways to Make Your Company Picnic a Success

When planning an event for your company, you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Your company picnic should be a treat for the entire team, so you want to make sure that it is a complete success. James Events will go the extra mile in order to...

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Make Your New Year Party Fun with These Top 5 Popular Foods

In Spain, eating a grape with every stroke of the clock at midnight brings in good luck for the next year. In Greece, when the clock strikes 12, it is a tradition to smash a pomegranate on the floor for blessings and prosperity. All over the world, there are different...

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How an Event Planner Can Bring a School Carnival to Life

School carnivals have proven to be one of the top ways to raise funds at schools. Almost all schools in Southern California hold annual carnivals each year. As a result, they begin displaying similar patterns each year until nothing remains exciting about the event....

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Tips for a Successful Charitable Fundraising Event

Organizing a charitable event takes time, effort and dedication; all of which can be well worth a noble cause. Fundraisers are perhaps, the most difficult kind of event to organize as the host needs to minimize expenditures so that the profit can be reserved for...