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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Event Planner for Your Next Party

Being able to do things on your own becomes quite the achievement. Usually it is not for the purpose of getting recognition, but more for the fact that it feels good to go through with something and finishing it. Planning events can be challenging. Coordinating...

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How to Plan a Company Picnic That Employees Will Want to Attend

You don’t want to make attendance mandatory for your company picnic, but you still want most of the office to show up. The trick is to make your office picnic unique with enough good features that will attract people. With a bit of creativity, you and a party planning...

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10 Quick Tips to Help You Pull off A Stress Free Company Get Together

When someone’s job decides to have a company get together, it can be seen as a great way to meet up with friends or get to know that new co-worker who has caught your eye. They can be a fun time or just an awkward meeting with free food. A get together can be an...

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Event Management

There is no question about it, planning any kind of event is stressful. A Christmas party, a company picnic, a wedding reception are all full of mild annoyances and setbacks that are never helpful. However, when an event goes right and everything goes smoothly, it is...

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7 Things About Event Management Your Boss Wants You to Know

Have you been tasked with coordinating a major corporate event, but haven’t been given much detail or clarity on how to do an effective job? Oftentimes, your boss just expects you to know things that they really shouldn’t, and that they don’t even know themselves. And...

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5 Reasons You Must Hire a Corporate Event Manager

There are few things as stressful as having to organize an event for your company, whether it is simply the corporate holiday party or a larger-scale event. When a larger-event is concerned, you may quickly find yourself to be overwhelmed and out of your league....

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Signs You Should Invest in an Event Management Company

If you have been in charge of your company’s event management so far, then you may have figured out by now whether you are up to the task or not . Planning smaller events for your company, such as an annual holiday party, may not be a difficult task to achieve, but...

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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Event Management

Are you planning a company picnic, customer appreciation day, or business team building day in the near future? Business events and corporate parties can be difficult to pull-off successfully without the right resources. You may have even attempted a professional...