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What to look for when choosing an Event Planner? – Part Two

The right event planner can bring life to your event. And so, choosing the right one could be that fine line between success and complete failure! In our previous blog, we listed five important aspects that you should look for when hiring an event planner. Here, we...

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How to Have a Great Company Picnic in San Bernardino

In the world of bustling and busy companies, you can be sure that your employees are in need of a little work related break; what better way to give them the productive breather they need than to throw a company picnic? Company events such as these allow your...

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What to look for when choosing an Event Planner? – Part One

The choice of an event planner can make or break your event! A lot is on stake when you organize an event; be it a family gathering or an official event, you wouldn’t want to ruin our occasion by choosing an inexperienced and unreliable event planner. So, what should...

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Honoring Service: Planning a Company Picnic for Veterans in Santa Ana

There are plenty of factors that go into planning any kind of company event. However, when planning a company picnic honoring veterans in Santa Ana, there are complexities involved that require a professional party planner. An event management company like James...

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How Hiring a Corporate Party Planner in Irvine can Help Your Business

Running a business is hard enough, but having to plan a party on top of it can drive almost anyone over the edge. With every detail that goes into planning a corporate party, a professional corporate party planner is what you need to further your business. While any...

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How a Corporate Party Planner Can Help with Community Outreach

Community outreach is one way to raise awareness and recognition of your business and brand. It allows you to reach your local community, and your specific target audience within that community. So, with this in mind, how would a corporate party planner tie into...

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How to Make Your Business Event Stand Out

Whether it is an annual meeting, a trade show, or the holiday event your employees having been looking forward to all year, ensuring your business event stands out in an interesting and attractive way to your target audience is key. There are many different methods to...