Here are the most popular prom party themes

Prom night is the most awaited event for high school students.

Would you like yours to be different?

Well if you are on the organizing committee and really want to plan the best prom, there is no need to worry.

Use one of these amazing themes for a unique experience.

Masquerade Ball

This mysterious and classy prom theme is sure to get everyone’s attention.

It is a popular choice because is it the perfect chance for everyone to dress extra fancy. The perfect way to present this theme is to use castle decorations, chandeliers and masks of course! You could even host a costume contest to encourage all students to wear masks.

Twinkling lights and candles will help brighten up the venue. Drapes of silk or velvet hanging from above will bring the entire look together. Apart from using beads and feathers in the costume, they can also be used for decorative purposes.

Hollywood Red Carpet

This is definitely a star-worthy theme. Turning prom into a red carpet event will add the extra touch of glam. A starry backdrop will be perfect for the event; the glittery starts on a black base will give it the ideal look. A red carpet at the entrance will look great for the entrance.

You can even arrange a photo booth, with large Oscar statues on the sides and use a red satin curtain as the backdrop. The guests can get their pictures taken by the ‘paparazzi’. You can even have your own Hollywood walk of fame!

Neon Lights All The Way

The neon theme is the best choice if you want to throw a fun dance party.

Neon dance lights transform the environment. The aim with this look would be to use bright lighting. A black light will help change up the colors in the room. Glow sticks are another good way to add more neon colors. You can place them on the table so that everybody gets one.

There are lots of options in decorations such as multicolored balloons. Neon plastic cups and bowls are also available for such parties.

Casino & Vegas

This theme is especially fun for those who don’t like to dance. They can spend their time participating in the different casino-themed games and activities.

The colors are black, white and red. For the entrance, an arch can be made in the shape of a Russian roulette board.

Poker tables can be set up in the hall where the games can be played. Poker chips can be handed out as the guests arrive. The decorations can feature cards, dice and dollar signs.

To work according to a theme, and really get the creative touch you want, hiring event planners is the best option. They will stick to the theme with the decorations, catering and entertainment.

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