Managing a successful fundraising event for your non-profit organization is easier said than done – even if you have the cause, idea and enthusiasm to raise money for it.

When it comes to running a successful fundraising or another such event, James Event Products and the creative minds running the show attribute one factor, i.e. proper planning!

So, what needs to be done when planning an event for your non-profit? Here’re the tips that you should keep in mind.

Understand the Mission, the Purpose, or the Point of the Event

It’s important to understand the underlying mission and purpose of the special event before planning any detail. In fact, the mistakes made often by organizations running the show is planning the even without understanding the goal or objective they’re after.

If it’s a fundraising event, it’s important to realize the concept of the event shouldn’t simply be to raise money. You have to convey a story. Get people to “walk a mile in the beneficiaries’ shoes”.

Select an Appropriate Venue

The location or venue for any type of event is the second-most important consideration that’s for its success.

Choose a venue that offers a connection between the cause of the organization and the community that’ll benefit the most from the fundraising events. For example, if you’re in collaboration with a local hospital and are raising money for children with cancer, the obvious place would be a beautiful outdoor space like a park.

In addition to the layout, space and type of event, convenience (how will people get there) and appropriateness of the venue should also be considered.

Draft a Written Plan

Professional event planners write a guiding plan regarding the event weeks in advance. As 90% of all mistakes are made during the planning stage, writing a guiding plan can help reduce those. How? You’ll think logically and with an open mind when writing out a guide plan. According to James Event Productions, a good plan includes:

  • The mission, goal and objectives (of company and event)
  • A detailed script of the actual event and what’ll happen
  • Detailed map of the venue as well as a clear organization structure (for the event)
  • Proper budget of revenue and expenses based on all planned activities

Design Your Message to be taken from the Event

Participants and attendees to the fundraising event would like to know what their contribution towards the cause is or where was their contribution used. To meet this end, planners must help provide the necessary information that allows the attendees to better understand the organization’s objective.

This can be as simple as providing statistics or as complex as stating the role of every employee as well as of the event. You can also place customized messages on placards and place them on all the tables and podium.

Think you’re way in over your head? Allow the professionals to handle it! Get in touch with James Event Productions. We help your next fundraising event.