If you are wanting to hold a corporate party in Southern California, you need to begin planning with enough time in advance to establish a venue, get all of the food you need, and of course, invite your guests. Although your employees work with you and you may not think that weeks of notice is necessary, it is. Your employees have lives too and you need to make sure that you respect them and provide at least a four weeks’ notice.
If you are having trouble thinking about where to start when it comes to your company picnic, you are not alone. Many individuals want to have parties, but find that they lack the time needed to make it happen. If you are in this position, James Events can help you. If you simply need help with the timeline of things and planning ahead, continue reading below.
The Month Before
As you are thinking and brainstorming ideas, it is important to have your date and time finalized the month before the schedule party. At this time, you need to begin inviting your guests to provide them with enough notice to attend. You should require an RSVP day and time as well so that guests can make a decision at their convenience and not right this second.
During the month before, you also need to start thinking about any of the events or games you want to have there and begin to determine a theme. You should also talk about the budget of the party and set parameters.
Tick Tock: Three Weeks Before
The time is ticking down and now it is time to make sure all invitations were sent and you are receiving replies. A reminder at this point is good too. You want to begin renting out the things you need such as tables, chairs, games, vendors, and any other materials or services you need. You should also think about prizes at this time too.
The Day Right Before
The day right before your corporate party is huge. You need to buy all of the food and prepare anything that needs to be prepared overnight. Gather everything to take to the party as well. You should ensure that you are well rested and completely ready to rock and roll.
The Day Of
Gather all of the food, place the drinks on ice, and head to the event site. You will need to finish setting up and cook any remaining food, etc.
If you are trying to schedule a corporate party in San Diego, you should hire a corporate party planner such as James Events to help you. Instead of you rushing around and trying to meet deadlines, let your experienced professional handle this part for you. All you need to do is sit back and relax. And of course, enjoy the entire event and watch as your employees leave with smiles on their face.