Trying to boost your employees’ morale? Why not throw them a fun picnic on behalf of the company!

Not only will your employees get to cut the monotony and despair of everyday office life, but they’ll connect with each other, resulting in a tightly knit workforce.

Planning a company picnic isn’t rocket science, but planning one that’ll amaze your employees and help to really unwind does require a bit of help – professional event planning to be more precise.

If you would like to head the picnic planning however, following are the steps that should be covered in order to plan an epic company picnic.

Step One: Choose the Date of Your Event

When organizing a company picnic or any other corporate event, it’s important to pick the date and time of your event early on as opposed to the last minute.

Choose a day that works for everyone; Saturday works well although you can also have a successful event on a weekday!

After receiving the green signal from management, start spreading the word of the picnic among employees. This can be personally or via a mass email.

Step Two: Pick the Site You Want To Have the Picnic

The chosen site should be appropriate to the event being planned. For a company picnic, for example, the site should be large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone.

Do you want to host the picnic at a local park? Will a pavilion be better or a shelter? Will there be alcohol at the picnic? Consider all this.

Also, keep in mind the permits you’ll have to procure – if any – for the picnic. Your employees will appreciate a location that has all amenities, i.e. electricity, restrooms, running water, and good parking area. Make sure to choose a venue that’s central to most employees. If the site is distant, employees are likely to not show up.

Step Three: Contact Third Party Vendors

James Events Productions Planning An Unforgettable Company Picnic Many pieces come together in organizing a successful picnic or event. You’ll mostly plan the cursory details of the picnic but will have to hire a third party vendor who’ll provide the actual entertainment and serve attendants.

Planning every party or picnic requires picking the food, hiring a good caterer or servers (they ensure the food is ready and on the table in time), coordinate entertainment in form of music, games, etc.

Last, but not least, you’ll have to contact a rental company for renting tables, chairs, tents and what not. It’s better to hire an event management company that offers all of the above, i.e. takes the task of hiring vendors away from you.

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