Memorable events don’t just happen; they’re planned. We plan, sometimes weeks and months in advance for the success of an event. Whether it’s a seminar, customer/employee appreciation day, or just a conference, the devil lies in the details.

Being in the event planning business for 25 years has taught us once thing. The success of an event doesn’t lie in planning months and years in advance.

The secret for a good and successful corporate event lies in planning in the right direction. Following is the holy grail (of sorts) for the event management world – a corporate event survival guide. Heed by it and you’ll prosper;

Business Event Planning: What to Do First

Getting people to attend and enjoy your company’s first corporate event isn’t so difficult. Immense pressure is on your shoulders. However, the success of your event means everything to you and your business. So, before anything else;

Decide Upon Your Target Audience

This is the very first step that corporate event planners should take. Define very clearly who your target audience will be depending on the type of corporate event. Once this is decided, all other details will come into place, i.e. you can work on format, budget, location and the content that’ll be spoken at the event. Taking this structured approach will also help with the later stages of event planning.

Decide On a Theme – Make a List of Everything

This list of details will include the lighting and decoration arrangement, how the guests will arrive and leave the venue, what program content/entertainment will be used and when, parking and everything else that directly concerns with the event’s success. Remember; everything about the event has to be absolutely perfect as the audience will attribute even the slightest issue to you and your brand.

Think of What You’re Going to Say

James Events Productions Planning Your Business’s First Corporate Event? Get People To Attend And Enjoy They say “creative thinking inspires ideas, which inspires change”. You’re hoping to bring change with the success of your event. Or you’re introducing an issue within the business’s hemisphere that needs to be corrected. How receptive the audience is towards your message depends on their overall event experience. You’ll have by now decided on the theme of the event as well as design principles.

Now you must move to the real event experience, i.e. the story you wish to portray to your audience. Brainstorm potential ideas and incorporate them into the keynote.

Keep the above in mind when making your own customized corporate event planning list. Take action and make the corporate event a success. Ask for help from James Events if you have too much on your plate. We promise to create an event that your stakeholders will never forget.