When scheduling the right entertainers for your company picnic, the main factor that needs to be considered is whether or the party has children or not. In the even that children are invited the party needs to include a lineup of great entertainers that are kid-friendly and can keep the children engaged for an extended period of time. On the other hand for employee only picnics the entertainer serves more as a means to keep the flow of the picnic in the right direction. Generally the number of entertainers needed vary drastically deepening on whether the picnic includes children or not, with the incorporation of children generally requiring more staff and entertainers.
Use an Event Planning Agency
The use of an event planning agency for your company picnic proves to be the most beneficial in this area of the planning because the agency typically offer certain packages that include entertainment based on you specific level of needs. James Event Productions Inc. offers a wide variety of entertainers for their clients and as a part of their planning your event you can choose from their long list of options. Below are just some of the entertainers that thy offer for company picnics for the entertainment of both children and adults. When employing the help of an event planning agency you are charged a flat for a number of entertainers for a specific window of time as oppose to having to delegate that yourself.
Animal Magic Show
Balloon Artist
Banjo Players
BMX Bike Show
Caricature Artist
Celebrity Look a Likes
Circus Academy
Disc Jockey
Dixieland Band
Face painter
Fire Juggler
Flame Blower
Fortune Teller
Hair Painting / Feather Locks
Handwriting Analysis
Hawaiian Band & Show
Henna Artist
Holistic Hoopers
Jazz Band Juggler

When scheduling entertainers without an event planer the task may be a little more complicated. The key is to comprise a list of the entertainers you wish to employ based on who will be in attendance. It is also best to schedule the entertainers as early as possible to ensure that they will be available on the date they are needed. Comprise the list based on whether children will be in attendance and based on the schedule that you have set for the event. Make sure that you have set a schedule before hiring entertainers because you can waste money if you hire entertainers before finalizing the schedule. Employ reputable entertainers with experience with company picnics or company functions, especially if you are employing comedians, to ensure that they are appropriate for the event.

Scheduling the right entertainers for a company event takes a lot of thought and planning. Even if you do not employ the help of an event planning agency for the entire picnic this may be the part of the picnic that may benefit from some outside consultation. Event planning agencies typically employ experienced entertainers and offer great packages that can reduce the stress of having to keep track of multiple staff members on the day of the event.