There is no question about it, planning any kind of event is stressful. A Christmas party, a company picnic, a wedding reception are all full of mild annoyances and setbacks that are never helpful. However, when an event goes right and everything goes smoothly, it is a great thing. Everyone is happy and the planner, despite all the stress, is now having a good time.

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There are certain aspects of event planning to keep in mind when planning one on your own. There are several places that offer help when creating your own event, but anyone can look up certain statistics when it comes to event planning and figure out how to do it themselves.


According to, nearly 36% of planners go over budget. However,69% of event planners are able to keep the budget a little over $20,000. Much of the budget goes to catering and entertainment. A planner must keep in mind how much catering is from certain services.


Would this get together need a large staff or can all the guests serve themselves? Crowd Compass has the statistics to break it down. There should be at least one bartender, one waiter/waitress and one security guard for a party that ranges between 50 to 100 guests. Hiring more is optional, but it is good to keep in mind that one staff member can serve so many people.

When and Where?

An ideal venue is what is needed to make a party so much more lively. A planner’s budget will use at least 15 to 20 percent on the venue. Besides obtaining a place to hold it, sending out digital invites through social media websites like Facebook or through e-mail is much easier on a budget too. It won’t chew into the budget and it is more modern too.

A Six Step Process to Create the Ideal Event

  1. Find the right vendor and select a date
  2. Create a guest list
  3. Start employing staff based on the amount of guests that will be arriving
  4. Send out the digital invites. Being digital it is a lot easier than making paper ones
  5. Let the company that is holding the event know that everything is secure and ready for the big event.
  6. A reminder e-mail or message should be send out a few days before the event to remind people of it.

This little cheat sheet will hopefully keep the stress levels down on the planner and will keep the fun factor for the guests up. It’s hard to plan an event, which is why a lot of people hire event management companies to take care of the stress. However, if any aspiring event planner wants to keep the cheats in mind, they too can help create the perfect event for their job, family or whoever needs a big get together.