Company picnics are the perfect means to attain unification of employees in a fun setting. They aid in developing an integrated spirit in the employees, but most notably is a refreshing break from the mundane day to day hustle and bustle of the office. A company picnic is where the employees can come together and interact informally. No company picnic is successful without some simulating games. Games serve as an ice breaker at company picnics and allow the employees to see their peers in a different light. The games and activities give the employees a chance to bond outside of their work relationships. Consider these must have events for your company picnic:
Sports for a little competition
Sports serve as a great way to high team building in at your picnic. For adult only picnics games such as baseball, softball, kickball, volleyball, basketball, and even touch football. These games will prove to not only be entertaining to watch, but also fun to play. The teams can be based on department or they can be chosen by predetermined team leaders. For kid-friendly picnics miniature golf may be a great and entertaining sport that will also keep the children engaged.
Entertainment to keep the atmosphere flowing
Your picnic can benefit from hiring entertainers such as magicians, motivational speakers, comedians or hosting or just a show, musicians, and even DJ’s. For picnics that include family and children as well some great entertainers include face painters, tattoo booths, clowns, and acrobatic performers. Entertainers are a great way to keep children engaged if needed and also a great way to improve the experience that the employees have. A comedian as a host can keep the mood of the sport and the games light so there aren’t any hurt feelings from the outcome of the games.
Games to engage everyone
Games are great for adult-only picnics and kid-friendly picnics. In the event the picnic is only for adults, great team building exercises can foster team spirit among the employees. You can have an I house planner choose the games or have the event planner choose the games for you. Trust building exercises such as trust falls or mine field can improve communication amongst employees. Team building exercises can also improve problem solving and critical thinking skills. For the children some great games include Frisbee spin art, bubble soccer, hula hoop contest, water balloon toss and three legged race.
The events that you decide to include in your company picnic will determine the impression that the attendees have after. When employees enjoy their time at the picnic it promotes loyalty for the company and can foster a lasting commitment to the company. A variety of events allow every one chance to participate in an event that they feel most comfortable. Enlisting the help of professionals for the planning of your event relieves you if the responsibility if having to determine which activity would best suit our audience.