Think you’re a grill master? You just might be right, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call in some help for a big occasion. Corporate events are a big deal, and no matter how good you are with a grill, you’re better off bringing in backup than handling everything yourself. Don’t think so? Here are four reasons catering the BBQ for a corporate event is likely to have better results than if you do it all yourself.

You’ll Be Able to Focus on the Meeting Better
When you have an outside service taking care of the meal, you won’t have to spend as much time worrying about your food related responsibilities. Ultimately, the food isn’t the biggest part of the meeting, it’s still a corporate event after all, and you’ll want to focus on what’s going on with the people, not on the grill.

Hiring a caterer also allows everyone else to focus better. Instead of keeping their attention on you and wondering when there will be a break, what you’ll cook up, etc, the food will already be handled, and everyone can keep their minds on what’s really important.

There’s Less Work for You

No matter how much you love grilling, you’ll get sick of it eventually as you focus on the meeting and then have to barbeque for all the guests. Doing it all can be exhausting after a while, but if you cater the event, you’ll have one less and important part of the event to worry about. Instead of having to prepare all the food, set up the tables, put everything out, and then clean up later, you can bring in an outside service to take care of all that for you. After all, less work means you’ll be able to keep your attention on the event and the people around you, and ultimately you’ll be more productive. So let someone else worry about the food!

It’ll Probably Be Cheaper Than You Think

You might be considering doing the cooking for the event on your own because you think it’ll be a way for you to save money. However, depending on the exact situation, this is likely not the case at all. If you’re clever, you can trim the bill down considerably. For example, ask the caterers to do only part of the work, like only the preparation of the food itself, and handle the set up and clean up on your own. Picking up the prepared meals from the caterers instead of having them come to you, substituting pricier items like seafood for cheaper alternatives like chicken, and asking about specials are all ways to potentially cut down on catering costs.

You’ll Have More Variety

A catering service is designed to bring you and your guests the best food possible, so they’re probably better equipped to offer a wider variety of food than you are. This can be especially important if you need to accommodate people with dietary restrictions; you don’t want to have to cook up a bunch of food, only to have to scramble to come up with a gluten free meal for one person with allergies. A catering service can give your guests what they need and want, and you’ll have a big burden lifted off your shoulders.

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