The world celebrates employee appreciation day on the first Friday of every March. How did you appreciate your employees?

Most employers seem to overlook the significance of regularly appreciating their workers, i.e. the employees ‘running’ the show. Without them, there is no business. No product to sell, no service to offer.

It doesn’t even matter that employee appreciation day won’t come again for a few more months; you can still appreciate your employees by arranging an event that increases their drive and loyalty towards your company!

Below are some professional tips we keep in mind when planning an employee appreciation week or event!

Define Event Goals

Yes, the goal is to appreciate employees and recognize their hard-work. However, you’ll have to go even deeper to realize the true goals you wish to accomplish. For instance, you want to increase overall morale and performance. This can be done! According to a McKinsey’s Quarterly survey, praise and recommendation is the first performance motivator.

Choose a Concurrent Theme

Keeping the same theme throughout the event is important, whether you are planning an appreciation week or a single day. The theme will set the tone for your event. It will also shape how guests view the event, which is why, keeping the event in line with the event’s goals and long-term company objectives is very important.

For instance, James Event’s has been providing excellent event management and planning services for 25 years. At our very own Employee Appreciation Day, we highlight the company culture and timeline, with focus on past and present employee contribution.

Select an Event Date and Location

Once you draw a broader picture in mind, switch planning to the finer details of the event. As said above, you can choose any day of the year for the employee appreciation event, but if your company adheres to tradition, the event can be held on its birthday as well!

There is no dearth of good venues in Orange County. However, you can also host the event right in your office!

Whatever you decide, make sure to hire an event management company to take care of the physical event managing while you greet each guest personally. Make your employees feel special about themselves and the company they work for by throwing a memorable employee appreciation event! Get in touch with us.