Organizing a charitable event takes time, effort and dedication; all of which can be well worth a noble cause. Fundraisers are perhaps, the most difficult kind of event to organize as the host needs to minimize expenditures so that the profit can be reserved for philanthropy. When organizing such an event, it is important that you keep a few things in mind.

Set an Objective

A big mistake many fundraiser organizers make is that they create a budget first, and fundraising target later; once the bottom line becomes clear.

This method only serves to lower one’s expectations from the event. Have a meeting with your target charity and set your goal first.

Afterwards, plan your entire event and budget towards accomplishing that goal.


The account sheet is the most important aspect of any event, but even more so in the case of charitable causes. It is critical that all expenses are covered and you are able to meet your fundraising goal. Take all expenditures, such as utilities, food, and security, into account and leave a little room to cover unforeseen costs. Make sure that your bottom line produces the targeted amount, and then some, in the end.


Many fundraiser organizers make the fatal mistake of not concentrating on marketing or forgoing it entirely.

They try to cut down expenditures as marketing is assumed as being relative and hence, not worthy for funding.

Many charitable events fail because of this assumption because if people do not know about your event and do not feel like supporting its cause, they will not turn up.

It is important that citizens are well informed about the fundraiser and have a desire to help the charity behind it. Social media cannot be solely relied on.

Food is Key

James Events Productions Tips for a Successful Charitable Fundraising Event A charitable cause is no excuse to have a poor quality event. Although the visitors are coming with philanthropic intentions, they nevertheless expect to have a good time.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that visitors will be considerate and accept poor quality food; they may leave it dissatisfied and shy away from charitable events in the future.

Among other things, a sure method to meet the expectations of attendees is through their stomach. Provide a diverse range of high quality food and drinks and they will be satiated with that.

Experience is Key

Hosting a charitable event is one of the greatest goods one can undertake for the sake of humanity. But organizing it is no joke. Get in touch with a professional event planning company in your area and have them organize it for you.

Not only do event management services have the necessary experience and can guide you towards high grade marketing and budgeting; they often have access to excellent venues, food vendors, entertainment, and décor—often at discounted prices, which would help improve your event’s bottom line.

If you are living in Southern California and are searching for event planning companies for your charitable fundraiser, contact us and we will bring over twenty five years of expertise to your event.