If you are looking to have a corporate picnic, you may not be sure what the best theme is and it all depends on your company and what you are trying to accomplish. Many companies struggle with knowing what type of theme to pick and if you are stumped, consider the options below to help you out.
1. BBQ Cookout
You can always enjoy a BBQ cookout theme and have some fun summer activities to enjoy such as sprinklers for children to run around in, a soccer ball to kick around, and even popsicles to cool off the event before everyone goes home.
You can choose what type of BBQ food to serve whether you want to grill up some chicken, do burgers, hot dogs, or even some fish.
2. Fun Summer Fun
Another great type of theme for a corporate picnic is fun in the sun. You can really have fun with this type of picnic from a beach ball to extra sunscreen on the table. Your employees will love coming out to enjoy the weather. You can even choose to have the picnic down by the water so that people can take a dip if they want.
3. Cowboy Picnic
A cowboy picnic is a great way to get everyone in the country western spirit. Whether you choose to have the picnic on a local horse ranch or you want to have it in a country western bar, you will enjoy everyone getting dressed up to boot.
Scatter some spurs, pictures of bulls, and cowboy hats on the tables and watch as everyone in the company has a blast. Oh, and let’s not forget the country music and maybe even a line dancing competition for those who are skilled.
4. Family Fun Day
Lastly, if you know that there are many families in the company and that a majority of your employees have kids, your corporate picnic could be centered on family fun. You can have an entire event where there are clowns, balloons, a dunk tank, and fun games to participate in.
Everyone loves events that they can bring the whole family to and all of the kids will love the activities available. You can even have classic sandwiches such as peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, or even mac and cheese for fun.
Choosing a theme for your corporate event is easy when you think about your employees and what they would like. If you are having trouble thinking of a good theme, you can speak with a professional event planner to help you plan and get everything set up. The most important part of the entire day will be having fun so you do not have to worry too much about everything else as it will fall into place.