How do you tell your employees how thankful you are for all that they do? What’s more, how do you show them? By showing appreciation, employee engagement rises, and your company reaps the benefits. In a recent study, 80% of employees say they are motivated when shown appreciation by the company.

The best businesses thrive because they cultivate a culture of loyalty and devotion to the organization within their employees. The connection they develop and share runs so deep that it often turns employees into ambassadors for the brand itself. Those employees become an entire marketing channel for those companies, putting the same love they get out of the business right back into it. This result means that finding fun and enthusiastic ways to show appreciation for your employees is of paramount importance.

Company picnics and holiday gatherings are an excellent opportunity for employees to break away from the monotony of their work, socialize with other employees and guests, and enjoy the festivities. Increasing employee engagement shows a direct result in raising a companies revenue, boosting profits, and employees who out-perform others by 202%. Also, non-stressed employees save their companies 46% of total costs and show a 33% decrease in turnover and absenteeism.

Despite the popularity of picnics and holiday parties, many organizations are still missing out on the golden opportunity these events present to do something memorable and valuable for their employees and their businesses. Your employees have already given you so much. Give them something you know they genuinely want in return: a fantastic company picnic or holiday event.

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