Picnics have been around for centuries, they leave everyone feeling refreshed and relaxed. Therefore hosting a company picnic can be a great investment when considering what type of corporate event you want to hold. However, if you want your picnic to be a huge success, try adding one of these great themes.
Family Friendly Picnics
The western hoedown theme is fun and simple to achieve. Serve a full course meal of famous western foods such as barbecued ribs or brisket or even fried chicken, throw in the sides, and serve buffet style. In addition to the menu, nothing says western hoedown like a game of horseshoes, potato sack races, and pony rides. Top it all off with some red and white table clothes, a couple bandanas and some straw hats and you got yourself a great hoedown that all will enjoy for your company picnic.
Nothing gets employees more excited than being able to enjoy nice cars. That is why hosting a car show picnic you cannot go wrong. Not only will guests be able to bring out and show off their own cars, but they will also be able to view others as well. If you want to get your employee interacting with each other, nothing will get the job done like a conversation over good food and great cars at this year’s company picnic.
If you are looking for some swashbuckling fun then look no further than the pirate theme picnic. This picnic is set up with everything you could ask for. Guest can be greeted at the front with leis as they enter in wearing their festive vacation clothing. This theme is easily enjoyed by all ages. Caribbean drumming plays in the background while employees visit with each other. If you are looking to add a little show and some good hearty food, an old fashion pig roast will fit right in with this theme.
Adult Picnics
If you are looking to have an adult only picnic, a few have become a popular hit over the years. Mardi Gras is always a blast for the older crowd. Decorate your picnic area with anything that is purple, green, sparkly, and yellow. Add some beads in for good cheer and serve up some colorful frozen drinks, you are guaranteed to have a good time.
Another quickly becoming famous adult only picnic is a Casino party. A casino picnic is prefect for a company fundraiser. Everyone donates money to the cause in trade for chips to play the different casino games. Some of the games that can be played include Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em and Roulette. Employees will love winning tickets or chip to use to enter into drawings for prizes later in the night.
No matter what theme you chose to go with nothing beats a corporate event like a company picnic. Just being outdoors will brighten your employee’s spirits, which in turn improves work performance and productivity.