Planning a company picnic can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when you want it to be even better than the previous year. Even though there is always an event planner nearby to help you, there are still some basic logistics to cover on your own in order to make the company picnic just the way your company envisioned it.
First, you need to figure out who to invite and how you are going to spread the word. Invitations are the most personal way to invite people, however, it is much faster to post bulletins and send company emails. While figuring out whom to invite, you must determine if your company wants the picnic to be just staff or their families as well. When getting a head count, plan on at least 80% of staff to attend.
Choosing the location is one of the biggest step to take. With many public and private parks in the area, you are bound to find the perfect one that will meet your needs. Consider how many people you have invited and the length of time the company picnic will take, after that choosing a location the rest should be a breeze.
Any time you offer someone food they are bound to attend. So if you are looking to have a good turn out, then offer up the best foods you can. The menu should go along with the theme of the picnic. If you are going for an All American theme, you might consider a classic picnic, barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers. Alternatively, maybe you are looking to go with a fiesta theme and looking to go with something a little more Mexican. Whatever the theme, there is bound to be a food that will match. However, when determining how much food to provide food, take into consideration how many people will be attending when planning a company picnic.
Next and one of the most important steps in planning your company picnic is the entertainment. This can vary drastically depending on what style you want to achieve. No matter what style you are after there is something for everyone. There are many entertainers for hire such as magicians, clowns, fire jugglers and more. Alternatively, you could do something that involves your employees and their families to get involved. Some of these activities include games and races such as, sack races, tug of war, and even a three-legged race. Anything to get everyone up and moving around is great entertainment. Also consider some type of music; whether it is a band or a DJ, music makes for great background noise.
Always plan the company picnic with your employees in mind. If you have a diverse group of employees makes sure you include something for everyone. In addition, when having a theme picnic be sure to put that on all your invitations, you don’t want someone showing up and feeling out of place.