It is that time of year again, and you are now in charge of the annual company picnic. You have everything planned from the band to the games that are going to be played and you are sure that everyone is going to have the time of their lives. When it comes to planning a company picnic however, the biggest challenge is often the food that you are going to serve. Below, you will find some picnic themed foods that you can serve to your guests that will have your bosses applauding you for thinking outside of the box.
Around-The-World Picnics
One of the most popular but original ideas for a company picnic is to feature food from around the world. You can serve everything from taco salad to German potato salad and from polish sausage to Italian cookies to the picnickers. Make sure that you plan some of your activities to go around your food, such as games and make the décor worldly as well.
A Caribbean Picnic
The Caribbean is known for its flavorful food, and most of them make terrific meals for a company picnic. You picnic should have colorful décor, such as plenty of blues, greens, and pinks. Food that picnickers will love include jerk chicken and Caribbean pig roast.
Who in your company has never been to an Oktoberfest? Probably very few and everyone probably loved it. Hire a polka band and decorate everything in blue and white checkers. Add a sumptuous bratwurst and several rotisserie chickens to the menu, and everyone who attends your company picnic will have a ball.
Ball Park Picnic
One of the best company picnics in Southern California you can throw is a ballpark picnic. This has traditional foods such as hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, hamburgers, and other sports related food. Plan some sports activities and your picnickers will go home full but tired when the day is done.
A Southern Picnic
A southern picnic will offer every type of BBQ food you can imagine. When you are planning a company picnic in Southern California, the southern style picnic is the best way to go. Offer up the traditional food of the south, such as chicken, brisket, and ribs, but make sure that you offer plenty of napkins as well, because eating at a southern style picnic can get quite messy.
Do not Forget the Classics
No matter what type of a company picnic in Bakersfield you decide to throw, you have to include the classics. So do not forget your popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and plenty of drinks to seal the deal.
These are just a few of the ways that you can make your company picnic in Bakersfield the picnic of the year. You can choose from many different themes, just make sure that you include the classic foods among the exotic and you will be having the time of your life in no time at all.