The right event planner can bring life to your event. And so, choosing the right one could be that fine line between success and complete failure!

In our previous blog, we listed five important aspects that you should look for when hiring an event planner. Here, we continue to embark on the quest, highlighting additional considerations. Here’s what you should look for!

Impressive Décor and Style

James Events Productions What to look for when choosing an Event Planner? – Part Two Your event planner should offer new and trendy décor styles. When speaking to your potential event planner, ask him questions like what’s trending, how do you plan events considering the new décor styles, what different styles have you offered to your previous clients, and what new and unique aspect can you offer to us. Answers to all these questions will reveal a lot about the planner.

Top-Notch Equipment and Facilities

When looking for an event planner, make sure that you are aware of the equipment and facilities that the planner offers. Considering the changing trends and dynamics of the event planning industry, all event planners should possess state of the art equipment and should offer top-notch facilities to their clients. An event planner with offering these services should certainly be considered.

Outlines Policies

A reliable party planner will always be clear about the contract and the policies of the company. When finalizing the deal, make sure that your planner outlines all business policies and makes you aware of the various aspects of his business. If they do not, you should always ask for an official policy document.

Experienced and Professional Staff

Investigate the staff and professionals working for the company. After all, they will be the ones handling your event! Only speaking to the owner or the manager of the company and finalizing the deal with them will not help. You can request the manager to arrange a meeting with the people who will be managing and handling your event so that you get an idea if they’re experienced and worth the investment or not.

Customer Profile they’ve Served

It’s important to explore their event portfolio. Learn more about the different events they’ve organized and read their business reviews online. You can also simply ask the company for the profile of the customer they’ve served. Speaking to their previous customers will help you get an idea about their services and how they have worked in the past. This will help you in making your decision.

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