The key to organizing a company picnic is finding a main person to be in charge. Whether it’s an event planning company like James Event Production ink or a company secretary, finding someone that is detail oriented and has the ability to pan a successful event. For the best results, choose a leader as early as possible to ensure that all the key details are ironed out before the day of the picnic. Starting early also allows the person or persons the opportunity to receive additional help if necessary or modify any plans if needed. The fundamentals to executing a successful company picnic are as follows:

Determine whose invited
This is a very important first step because you must determine if the invitation will be extended to just employees or of their families and friends may also attend. This is a crucial part of the process because the planning of the entire event relies on the attendees. If you choose to invite the families, the entertainment, venue ad activities will be geared towards the families in attendance, and consideration for food and beverages will also be affected by this as well.
Determine when the picnic will take place
Choose a time for your picnic that takes in consideration the employee’s holiday schedule, and factors that may affect who you are inviting to the picnic. If the families of your employees are being invited you may want to consider a weekend picnic to ensure that they may be of attendance, while if it’s an employee only picnic a weekday picnic may be more successful. Also take into consideration weather will have an effect on the success of the picnic so summer months and winter months may be too harsh.
Determine where the event will take place.
A park is always both cost effective and traditional so consider trying a beach to add variety. Some other great options are a community center if you want to reduce the effect that the weather has on the event or even a zoo to really be different.
Determine what events and activities will be scheduled
Team building exercises are a great part of any company picnic. It allows the employees to bond and sometimes meet members of the staff that they do not typically interact with. Choosing interesting activities for the attendees can really make your picnic a hit. Determining a theme for the event is a great way to narrow down some of the activities, and choosing a great entertainer can leave a lasting impression on your employees.
For many companies, the annual picnic is an event that employees look forward to. Although planning the event can sometimes be stressful, it’s ultimately a great way for the employees to bond and for the upper level management to get to know the employees. Deciding to outsource the planning is a very common practice that usually saves both time and money for a company.