One of the main things that separate a prosperous company from its competitors is the way it manages to get the most out of its workforce – employees are the backbone of any successful enterprise and thus keeping them motivated and engaged should be the priority of any business.

But what can you do to increase office productivity and boost the morale?

Well, one of the most popular approaches, used by many of the biggest and most successful corporations is organizing team-building events, which not only train the employees to work together, find better solutions to problems and be more efficient, but also develop a certain rapport that carries on well outside the workplace, which goes a long way in boosting office morale.

Still not convinced?

In that case, to really show you what makes team-building events so beneficial for your company, here are some of the main reasons why they work so well:

An Increase in Productivity

Obviously, the number one reason anyone does team-building events is kind of straightforward – just like in sports or anywhere else, a group of people need to mesh together in order to start working towards a unanimous goal. When they are exposed to tasks that require communication and cooperation, they start figuring out how to combine their efforts, and later on that transfers into the workplace.

Also, healthy competition forces them to look for the most efficient ways to achieve a result and as we all know, efficiency is one of the pillars of a successful business.

It Promotes Employee Creativity

The seemingly simple process of taking the employees out of their ordinary workspace and getting them to interact outside of their comfort zone will help them become more daring and open-minded when approaching office tasks as well.

When they learn to work together as a team and figure out the right ways to brainstorm for new ideas or develop concepts, they’ll end up being more secure in expressing their thoughts openly and, out of that, many great concepts will arise over time.

This kind of creative working environment is what helps the most successful companies such as Google, Apple or Microsoft constantly produce fresh new ideas which help them separate themselves from others and remain at the top in their markets.

Improved Collective Problem-Solving

Another important aspect that you want improved in your workplace is the ability of the employees to solve problems, and while it is not an easy trait to develop in a group of people, if you want it improved, team-building events is probably your best option.

When people are forced to come up with creative solutions to problems, they will naturally form a habit to look for unconventional answers and will not get stuck by seeming limitations as often.

This really comes in handy when you have projects that require the team to go through obstacles in order for it to be a success – you want as many of the projects to be completed, and thus developing your employees is a great way to ensure that a better percentage of the assignments actually generate positive results.

Better Trust between Employees

Now there’s probably no need for an argument to be made why trust is important in the workplace – people are naturally more likely to share ideas, be comfortable working together and be willing to help each other if they are able to trust one another.

So it’s essential for both the executives and the workforce to develop a good enough understanding of each other so that the everyday tasks and the larger-scale projects all would go more efficiently. During the years of working together, situations will arise that will require people working in both large and small groups, and you want all of your employees to be used to the experience of undertaking projects together.

Reduce Your Costs

Now it may initially seem counter-intuitive to think of sending your group of workers to a team-building event – after all, you are spending a very concrete sum of money for some hard to define and calculate future returns.

But in reality, as many great examples of thriving companies show, the participation in team building activities helps the employees become more enthusiastic to come to the workplace because they develop closer relationships with their colleagues. This in turn not only leads to an increase in efficiency at the office, but also a reduce in missed days by your workers – when work is a place where they can hang out with people they actually like, people are much more willing to show up.

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