James Events Company Picnic & Party Planners in Orange County and LA

James Events are leading company picnic & party planners in Orange County & LA. The company has over twenty five years’ experience in event production and has planned over 14,000 successful events.
James Events offers a wide range of feature to ensure your event goes smoothly, from supplying their own rides and attractions to a selection of eight exclusive private parks, each with restrooms, parking and child safety.
James Events isn’t an ordinary event production company; they go the extra mile to ensure your event is an enjoyable and memorable one. The experienced and professional team will help you customize your event from a number of features and options available.

Take the Stress Out of Event Planning

If you’re looking for company picnic & party planners in Orange County & LA, then look no further than James Events. The experienced team will handle everything for you. All you have to do is make some decisions based on the team’s recommendations and then arrive on the day and enjoy yourself.

Once a location is chosen from the list of exclusive private parks, the team will get working on a menu. The menu is based on your personal requirements, likes and dislikes. James Events is licensed, so you also get to choose the beverages you would like to have available on the day.

James Events will help you select the entertainment, games and rides and attractions you would like to include and add a fun theme for all to enjoy. Then all you have to do is arrive and have fun with the rest of your colleagues.

Private Park Locations

-Private Park location one

-Private Park location two

-Private Park location three

-Private Park location four

-Private Park location five