We offer a variety of fun foods like fluffy cotton candy, novelty ice cream, ice cold sno cones, fresh popped popcorn, warm funnel cake, candy or caramel apples. From classic treats to fun new specialties like candy bars and nitro ice cream – you will not go home hungry!

More options to munch on:


James Events Productions Fun Foods for Schools & Carnivals Churros

Cotton Candy
Available 10+ flavors

Soft Hot Pretzels
w/ Salt & Mustard

Roasted Peanuts

Fresh Popped Popcorn
Optional Flavors included:
Garlic Salt and Pepper
Nacho Cheddar
Jalapeno Jack
Chili Spice

Funnel Cakes
With powered sugar, strawberry sauce, chocolate drizzles, and whipped cream

Kettle Corn

Candied & Caramel Apples

Sno Cones

Nacho Bar

Ice Cream Novelties
Big Sticks
50/50 Bars
Fudge Pops


James Events Productions Fun Foods for Schools & Carnivals Upgraded Frozen Novelties
Options includes:
Frozen Bananas
Dove Bars
Cookies and Cream
Strawberry Shortcake
Traditional Ice Cream Sandwiches
Toll House Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
M & M Cookie Sandwiches
Bomb Pops
Ice Tickles
Dippn’ Dotts

Frozen Fruit-a-Freeze Bars
In Tropical Flavors: Lime, Coconut, Strawberry, Watermelon and more

Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Bar
Single and Double Scoop options available. Also includes 10 toppings: Peanuts, Chocolate and Rainbow Sprinkles, Oreo Cookie pieces, M&M’s, Hot Tamales candies, Reese’s Pieces, Skittles candies, Chocolate and Caramel Sauces, Whipped Cream and Maraschino Cherries

Hand Scooped Gourmet Ice Cream Sundae

Nitro Ice Cream
Custom-made, seasonal flavors. Made from fresh ingredients and right before your eyes!

Smoothie Bar
Custom made in a variety of fresh flavors