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From the Gallery

Booth Games

Our Booth Games are designed not only to be fun to play, but also to allow for an easy win for all ages and abilities.

BoothGamesOur Booth Games include:

  • All set-up and tear down
  • Each Game is an 8′ x 8′ booth with a solid color canopy and 3 solid coordinating sides
  • All gaming equipment for each booth
  • Every booth game can be played by 2 players at a time (unless noted)
  • Great assortment of prizes for the time period allotted
  • Our games are designed so people have fun and WIN!

Below you will find a list of our most popular Booth Games. If you are looking for a particular game that you don’t see…call us about our other selections.

We can also customize our Booth Games for your school carnival or corporate event!

Booth Games

Bowling Alley
Slide 3 pucks- turn over all the pins.

Bumper Car – 1 Player
Bump your car from end to end where you stop determines your prize.

Candy Wheel Of fortune – 1 Player
1 Chance- Spin the wheel and where it lands grab the candy.

Coconut Roll
Use a broom to roll coconuts into the baskets.

Coin Pitch
5 chances to toss the coins one at a time onto the colored table. Coin must land on one of the colors to win.

Crazy Balls
2 chances to guess the color your ball will land on.

Cue Bal
2 shots – knock quarter out of the circle to win.

Dice roll -1 Player
Roll seven or snake eyes on oversized dice to win.

Dip Bowling
2 chances roll the ball down tracks make it stay in the dip to win.

Duck Pond – 4 Players
1 chance- pick a duck from the pond and turn it over to see if you win.

Duck races – 4 Players
Advance the duck down the stream.

Flip a Chick
2 chicks- Launch the chick into a pot to win.

Football Toss
3 Throws- make 2 through cut out to win.

Golf Putting
2 Tries- sink the putt to win.

Horseshoe Toss
3 Chances- toss the horseshoes one at a time onto the game and land around the rod.

Kentucky Derby – 4 Players
Advance horse according to the color thrown on the dice; continue until horse crosses the finish line.

Kiddie Fishing
Toss our line into the sea and catch a prize.

Knock your Blocks off
2 Chances – get all the 3 blocks to show one color.

Las Vegas Aces
2 out 3 bean bags in hole to win.

Laundry Basket
Throw waffle ball and try to get it to drop into the laundry basket.

Milk Can Toss
3 Chances to get 2 balls in the milk can to win.

Mini Basketball
3 shots- make 3 baskets to win.

Pick a Pop – 1 player
1 Chance – choose the pop with the colored mark on the bottom of the lollipop.

Ping Pond Game
3 Chances – throw the ping pong balls into a pool with floating life ring. Your ball must land in a red one to win.

3 Chances- drop the pucks in. Add the score up to 6 to 9 win.

Ring Toss
5 rings- ring 3 pegs to win.

Shuffle Board
3 Chances- slide pucks down the alley and have the pucks land inside 1 of 3 cut out circles.

Six ball Roll Down
Roll 6 balls – add the numbers- under 13 or over 30 wins.

Rolls balls up the lane and try to make it into the center of the target to win.

The Can Can
4 chances- knock down all cans in the pyramid to win.

Tic Tac Toe
3 in a roll across the middle wins.

Tip the Cat
3 Chances – knock all 4 cats down.

Wacky Slap
Slap beanie toy against the board and make it fall into the bucket to win.